2003 Perl CGI


Website Builder Created 2003

Website Builder





Perl is my server side scripting language which I started writing CGI scripts in. I don’t have an online demo of the web builder application I wrote. I only have a description of it. The entire application runs off keywords that the user creates. It’s so highly customizable that it can be used with any website design. The study of MySQL also started when I began writing this web server application. I integrated it as an optional feature for storing data. The application contains a cart, thumbnail page maker, and a demo CSS style sheet script. With Javascript and the style sheet web application working together, a site could change it’s look on a selected date or holiday. So decorating with Christmas lights or a Jack-o’-lantern was possible.

JQuery and HTML 5 is on my list of ‘To Learn’. I think this project would be a good candidate for Ajax.


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