School is Fun!

Post Edit: Wow, did I really say school was fun? And now it’s finals week. All my finals were scheduled on Monday, so the stress didn’t last long. Now I get to relax and brush up my blog. I must say that I enjoy blogging. I hate writing formally, but enjoy being my natural self. That’s the way it should be.

Original Post:
I have been so stressed to get all my assignments in on time. But now that I think about it, it really is a fun challenge.  I meet new people, find out about new ideas, and discover new tools.   I just discovered these 2 sites:


I had a funny experience the morning I made this movie at My son and daughter love pc gaming with They spend all their off time hours in the pc tunnel. No real enjoyment of life exists outside the box. I admit I spend many hours typing code, … but that is different than gaming. I have a goal, and that goal is to enrich ‘real’ life. They’re goal is to kill other make believe characters, which never really perish. So I made this cute little skit of my children’s future.


Gamers Future 3012

My children did not find this too amusing. LOL

Using gave me a sense of accomplishment by reviewing my outlook from last year to this year.

Here’s my bubble map, or click this link to enlarge the bubble.

It's All About Attitude!

How I felt before, during, and now about my time here at LCC. I know this course will improve my outlook.