The path I took to build my portfolio was 12 years of reading and typing. To be quite honest I think I’ve become inverted. What’s that mean?  It means I spend all my time in technology related activities.  From 6am to 9pm, except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My early years as a country girl programmer

Computers were never part of my life until the year 2000, when learned about email. That was 2 years after 1998 film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan “You’ve Got Mail”.  I never knew internet existed! This is because I lived at the end of the road in a 1 horse town, and did not have a computer.  In the year 2000 I learned what Y2K meant. I picked up a little $200 computer and learned all I could about programming, thinking it would help my country employment issues.  

I even remember taking the processor out of my computer when it got dusty. I washed it in my kitchen sink because I thought it should be clean and didn’t want it to overheat!

 There must have been weeks spent learning about computer crashes, dial up, email, and coding. This new technology was my connection to the universe.


Hyampom Map

Seriously,  has anyone heard of Hyampom, CA?  That’s where I crashed my first server with eternal loops! Not much of a selling point, I know. But it led to learning about setting up my own server with Ubuntu Linux OS. I now have experience with email, ftp, and other system admin settings.


Lovers Leap

This is Lovers Leap, a 5 minute walk from my front door! I wish I could say, I spent a lot of time in the great outdoors, because I’m kinda missing it now.  Most of my time was spent sitting at my desk for the last decade! This is only 1 of the magnificent views in this little town.


Ask anyone who knows me, the last 10 years has literally been spent learning how to code. My family was even getting concerned. I even sleep with it! They will probably bury me with my PC.

My daughter.

My daughter and work were the only things that could draw me back to life. She would insist I go to the movies, swimming, and other activities.  She’s 22 now and is a hard core gamer in Aion. I try to tell her my computer addiction is different from hers because I have a goal.


My Public Life.

But such is life, and now I ONLY do programming. Sometimes I wonder if I should hit the pool. Or go out on the town, or take a trip, or just sit in a hot tub and relax.  But that would take away from my programming time, and I am not done with my project!  


I want to have one of those famous sites that’s useful!

I have 2 great ideas!  One, The Craft Board, is nearing completion.  The next bright idea is a mobile app that helps students learn on the go and enables the student to make money while they are doing it. That I plan to start next year.



How can I end this addiction! Or do I want to end it?  What would I do!  How would I live!  I want to travel, …and what then? I have the answer!

Puppies!  Yorkshire puppies!

Someday I will be known as Yorkeylady, the country girl!


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