Time to learn Postgresql

I just learned about the differences in MySQL and Postgresql.  This will be my third database language.  They are all similar, except in what they can do.  I’m wondering why MySQL is not up to speed with dynamic data in functions and triggers.

I’m anxious to get my bartering data system set up.  It’s already coded in SQL PL, so hopefully this will be a short translation to Postgresql.  Then all I need to do is update my tools for manipulating items on the craft board.

I’m only 1 summer away from an associates degree, then I’m off to the U of O.   I can’t wait!


Finally! I get Trigonometry!

You don’t know how long I have been wanting to master the unit circle!
I’m thinking of making a rewrite of ‘The Circle Won’t be Broken’ song.
Just so I won’t forget all I’ve been working to memorize.

Once I get the lyrics down I’ll post them. Or better yet sing it on youtube! LOL

And I’m already dreaming up code for quilting using polar coordinates. I can hardly wait to see what calculus will bring. I was told I could write a knitting script if I knew calculus.

But now I have a week to catch up on my database implementation for the craft board.