Wow! New Tree Component that is XML driven.


Necessity breeds invention

Post Panel with new XML capabilities!

I needed an xml driven data viewer.  I created a tree component that was fed an object and had no other capabilities except to display a label in a file browser fashion.  It suited me fine for a while.  But to search my component for data was a chore.   It took XML and turned it into an object.  Now it can take the XML and listen for any changes to it, then give back the display element for each branch.  So I can get sub XML elements that the user clicks.  This opens up a new set of search functions for the component.

I’m so happy about this!  The posting panel is nearing completion.  This week I’ll start the search panel with new search abilities.






New Sliding Panel Component!

I thought over and over how I wanted my app to look. The design should  match the idea of a craft board. So I chose wood, since it is a Craft ‘Board’. I put wood panels instead of normal windows.  These panels slide in when you click an icon and out when you touch any side of the panel. It’s a new approach, but I like it!

Now I have this wonderful new component that I call SlidingPanel.  I haven’t posted it on my site yet because it’s not fully tested.  Plus I need to add a few more features.

Craft Board 8/23/2012

Now I’m working on the search and posting panels.  After that the update code, which should be a breeze.

Hopefully the download will be posted within a couple weeks, before school starts up again.